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I have a new title and URL for this blog (all of New-on-Dixie content has been copied and pasted at the new site).

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Tucker by Gaby Basora

It's official. I'm in love with Tucker, the new line by Gaby Basora. Simple cuts (slip dress, camisole, short-sleeve or long-sleeve blouses) in your choice of some incredible, understated prints.

Hotel Delano

Paul and I spent the day in Miami yesterday, and boy, for an hours drive away it felt like we were half-way across the world. Such a difference from the pace and people watching of West Palm Beach. My favorite part of the day was spent at the Hotel Delano, designed by the renowned Phillipe Starck. See pictures below. By all means, a design destination.

So Alice in Wonderland...

Fell in love with this cafe table and matching liquor cart..

Evidently they play classical music under water in the pool...

Old Magazine Ads and Fashion Editorials

Found these in a bunch of old magazines in an Antique store on my last trip to Big Sky, Montana...

If I remember correctly, this was some advertorial about the future and "computers". These cardboard boxes are different interpretations of the computer of the future. How the little girl fits in I do not know.

Ali McGraw, je t'aime...

Paint Therapy: My Bathroom before and after...

My mom and I have always said how we would love to be brick layers in our second lives. The process is so simple and therapeutic, as is knitting, and...painting. I was down and out this weekend and in an attempt to keep my mind in a positive place, my boyfriend Paul and I painted my bathroom. Let me just tell you, it was a long time coming...

Before (heinous HOT PINK)...

After (Thin Ice by Valspar)...

Bath Mat (also used as outdoor rug) by Dash and Albert. Shower Curtain by Shabby Chic.

Broken Dolls

Archival print by Kate Phillips for sale on Etsy.

Broken dolls are really creepy. I had a pair of my moms dolls from childhood (arms amputated) in a little rocker in my room growing up and my friends always made me turn them around to get rid of their stare (see below). Maybe everyone is scared because of the "play things coming alive at night" storyline (think Chucky).

In any case, I like old dolls for the same reason that I like antiques and animals up for adoption— their make-up has been loved off, their arms broken, and now they need a home. It's fun to imagine the lives they've lived.

Yesterday I found this AMAZING mid-century painting of a child and her broken doll that I am in love with and hanging in my bathroom. I think it's got less of the creepy factor because it's 2D.

On Assignment: Yolo Boarding

As I mentioned in my last post, I just returned from Grayton Beach Florida where I was on a freelance assignment re: Yolo boarding, the new stand-up paddling craze taking over parts of Florida and California. Here's a glimpse of the photo shoot...

Photographer Colleen Duffley at work.

To learn more about Yolo boarding, check out Photos Courtesy of M Public Relations.